Prof. dr. Marnix G.E.H. Lam, Professor of Nuclear Medicine, Chief of Nuclear Medicine, University Medical Center Utrecht, department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, The Netherlands.

Marnix Lam is trained as a Nuclear Medicine Physician and Radiologist. He is a staff member of the department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in the UMC Utrecht since 2007. During his ‘Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)’ research fellowship on translational and clinical research (2010 – 2014), he completed a 2-year research fellowship at Stanford University.


In 2013 he was appointed chief of Nuclear Medicine, and in 2016 he was appointed professor of Nuclear Medicine. Translational research in molecular medicine has been the scope of his scientific work, with a focus on oncology. The aim is to bring new radiopharmaceuticals to clinical practice. This specifically resulted in the introduction of new oncological treatment modalities in the Netherlands, such as bone seeking radiopharmaceuticals for the palliation of metastatic bone pain (153Sm-EDTMP, 188Re-HEDP, 223Ra-chloride), protein-receptor radionuclide therapy (177Lu-PSMA, 177Lu-HA-dotatate), and radioembolization for treatment of hepatic malignancies (90Y microspheres and 166Ho microspheres).

Current research is focussed on dosimetry of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, image-guided treatment technology, alfa- and beta-emitting isotopes for therapeutic purposes, intra-arterial and intra-tumor treatment approaches, and radio-immunotherapy.