Dr. AS Soin is a liver surgeon, medical innovator and entrepreneur. An alumnus of AIIMS, New Delhi and Cambridge University, he is the Chairman and Chief Surgeon at Medanta Liver Transplant Institute. He is recognized in the transplant fraternity the world over for pioneering liver transplantation in India. Since 1998, after performing the country’s first successful transplant, he and his team have performed the most liver transplants in India – nearly 3200 so far, and are credited with majority of the firsts in liver transplantation. Their success rates of 95% are at par with the world’s best. Dr Soin was awarded the ‘Padma Shri’ for pioneering Liver Transplantation. He has been bestowed several other National and International awards and honours. He is also a ‘Harvard Medical School Scholar’ in Surgical Leadership.

He is the founder President of Liver Transplantation Society of India, Past Committee Chair, International Liver Transplantation Society, and Past Vice-President, Indian Society of Organ Transplantation. He has delivered and been awarded 15 orations in the past 10 years.


He has published 168 research papers and 17 book chapters, and delivered more than 1000 invited lectures and papers all over the world. He is also the Editor of India’s first comprehensive book in the field, entitled “Liver Transplantation”, published by Elsevier. He is widely quoted in media on liver disease, medical innovation and healthcare issues.


In his AI and healthcare technology avatar, he is

  1. The Founder of LiverPedia™ (an interactive liver app),
  2. Investor & Scientific Advisor in 4 medical start ups:
    1. Y-Trap Inc. CA – a cancer immunotherapy platform
    2. Respirix, CA – AI based device for cheap and rapid bed-side diagnosis of heart failure
    3. Zebra (Israel) – world’s largest FDA approved radiology AI platform
    4. He heads a joint venture for an innovative device for accurate and cheap point-of care diagnostics, which enables rapid access to treatment, both by using AI-based decisions, and connecting patients to general and specialist doctors. This will lead to better health decisions, access and outcomes for Primary Health Care in India.