Akin Tekin MD

I am Akin Tekin, MD, associate professor of clinical surgery at University of Miami. I work as Liver/gastrointestinal transplant surgeon at Miami Transplant Institute (University of Miami_ Jackson Health System). I graduated from University of Hacettepe school of medicine in Ankara,Turkey at 1993.


After few years in thoracic surgery residency in Turkey, I moved into USA and continued my career. I did all my surgical training at University of Miami and graduated from general surgery residency program in 2005.


I completed 3 years postgraduate fellowship training in abdominal transplantation here at Miami Transplant institute and stayed as faculty since 2008. I also worked two years with the transplant team before my residency as an intensive care fellow for transplantation from1998 to 2000. Miami transplant institute is the largest transplant  program in USA at 2019.


I perform both adult and pediatric liver and intestinal, multivisceral transplantation at the program.  I am currently teaching faculty at University of Miami Miller school of Medicine.